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Welcome to the Research to the People 


A program at Stanford, where scientific discoveries drive direct clinical applications for enhanced personalized cancer treatment. Located at Stanford, a world-renowned research institution with cutting-edge technology, we offer a unique research environment.

Our collaborative team of patients, advocates, clinicians, pharmacists, biologists, scientists, and researchers across disciplines identifies novel therapies to improve personalized cancer treatment when standard care is exhausted. By integrating diverse data, such as clinical and genomic information, we gain a comprehensive understanding of diseases and develop tailored treatments.

Through close collaboration with Stanford Hospital and Clinics, a renowned research institution with access to cutting-edge technology and expertise in various fields, we expedite the translation of research findings into clinical practice.

At the Research to the People program, collaboration, innovation, and the swift translation of scientific discoveries are paramount. Together, we strive to transform the lives of patients with cancer and other diseases. Explore our website to learn about our groundbreaking research and its impact on personalized healthcare. Reach out to us to become part of our multidisciplinary team or support our cause through your generous donation. Let us shape the future of cancer treatment through patient-centered, innovative, cutting-edge, data-driven, multidisciplinary, and open data access strategies

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Our Mission:

Bridging the Gap in Cancer Care: Empowering Advanced Patients with Personalized Solutions

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Beyond Standard:

Empowering lives through patient-centered cancer research. This film tells the story of Vanessa's journey and the complexity of advanced cancer.


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Help us shape the future of cancer treatment through patient-centered, innovative, cutting edge, data driven, multidisciplinary, and open data access strategies.